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Welcome to the WNSC Home page. WNSC is a Nicholson School of Communications program of the Radio-Television department in the University of Central Florida’s College of Sciences.

The University of Central Florida stands for opportunity. That is why this site is student-operated in order to allow students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience via the application of skills learned in the classroom. In order to compete in the market today, one must be proficient in the practical application of textbook skills, and the WNSC website is the means by which students can gain actual experience in copy writing, broadcasting, hardware, software, and the means of transporting their message to an audience.

RTV students that are part of WNSC's programming or engineering support are provided with volunteer experience and may use that experience as free supplemental instruction.

Please take some time to learn more about WNSC in the About section, view Photos, see links to other key UCF departments, and feel free to contact us for further information about WNSC or ways to get involved.